We are a UK based supplier of Air Receivers (Air Tanks) working with a European manufacturer to supply standard and bespoke receivers.

We take pride in working with a leading European manufacturer to provide our customers with quality pressure vessels that allows us to offer a wide range of air receiver tanks that meet various applications and specifications.

We understand the importance of having reliable and efficient pressure vessels for your operations to ensure compressed air is always available to avoid any unnecessary downtime and whether you need small or large capacity tanks, vertical or horizontal designs, or specific materials for your pressure vessel, we have got you covered.

Apart from supplying air receiver tanks to a number of industries across the UK, we also offer fittings kits to suit. These kits include a manual drain valve, pressure gauge with adaptor and a pressure relief valve. 

We have a wide range of air receivers available ex-stock in the UK which are 11 bar rated as standard, but we can also offer 15 bar versions if a higher pressure is required.

Get in touch today with one of our expert sales team to discuss your requirements and how we can solve your problems!