Air receivers are used throughout the water industry for a range of different applications including water filtration vessels, surge vessels, and expansion vessels.

In this article we will go through what each of these receivers are and what they are used for.

Water Filtration Vessels

Water filtration vessels are exactly as they sound, we can offer custom-designed tanks complete with internal pipework and nozzle plates as per your requirements with a range of coatings available to suit your application. 

Alternatively, we have a standard range of filtration vessels available known as DI or resin tanks. These work by resin being poured into the vessel about three-quarters of the way and then water is added to the inlet port at the top, this water travels through the resin bed and then passes through a bottom screen before travelling out of the riser tube and out the head at the top.

Surge Vessels

A surge vessel is a tank that is used to manage the spiking water pressure as it travels through the water network or sewage line. The pressure spikes occur when there are changes within the flow rate, whether this is the pumps at the station, unexpected pump trips, or when other valves are opened or closed along the network. 

If these spikes are not managed properly they can result in damage to the infrastructure of the pipelines/network potentially resulting in a disruption to supply, water wastage, or flooding causing unnecessary and preventable costs to the water industry.

Pressure Expansion Vessels

An expansion vessel also known as a surge arrestor/accumulator is a vessel used to keep the pressure stable in a boiler while the water heats and cools. These vessels are split in two and feature a replaceable rubber diaphragm. 

One side of the vessel is filled with water and the other with air/nitrogen, when the water heats and expands the pressure increases, and the air in the expansion vessel compresses to counteract this absorbing the increased pressure and keeping the system stable. 

These expansion vessels are often referred to as Hydrophores when used on marine vessels and are available with design approvals from marine inspection bodies such as ABS, DNV, and Lloyds Class.

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