Horizontal Receivers

Material: Carbon Steel
Finishes: Unpainted, Painted or Galvanized
Directive: 2014/29/EU
Operating Temperature: -10°C +120°C
Operating Pressure: 11 bar standard, 15 bar on demand

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Introducing our horizontal receiver product range, where versatility meets practicality. These wide, horizontally oriented air tanks are designed to provide maximum air storage while minimising vertical space requirements. When you need an air receiver that fits comfortably into low-profile installations or areas with limited vertical clearance, our horizontal pressure vessels are the ideal choice.

Their horizontal design allows them to blend seamlessly into various environments, making them perfect for applications where space optimisation is key. Whether you’re looking to maximise your air storage in a compact workshop, streamline your compressed air system in a confined industrial space, or ensure a reliable air supply in a marine setting, our horizontal vessels offer a solution tailored to your needs.

Our horizontal air tanks are manufactured with precision and undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure they meet and exceed industry standards. Choosing our horizontal receivers means selecting a space-saving, efficient, and dependable solution for your compressed air requirements. Explore our range of standard vessels and discover the advantages of going horizontal today.

We have a range of sizes from 15ltrs up to 1500ltrs available ex-stock in the UK as well as a fittings kit to suit which includes a manual drain valve, pressure relief valve and a pressure gauge complete with adaptor. All of our receivers are 11 bar rated as standard but we can also offer 15 bar versions.

The horizontal receivers are supplied externally painted RAL 5015 blue as standard but can also be supplied unpainted or galvanised. In addition to the standard RAL 5015 a full range of colours with both smooth and textured finishes are available.  We can also offer a special anticorrosive primer applied electrostatically to ensure maximum resistance even in harsh environments.

Internally there are several special finishes available including a coating of silver ions to provide an antibacterial property to the receiver and internally cleaned for use with oxygen making the receivers particularly suitable for medical applications. More information regarding this can be found on our services page.

Please see below dimensional drawings, if you would like to make any changes we can also offer custom pressure vessels to your design all the way from the drawing stage right through to a prototype being manufactured.

Horizontal Pressure Vessel Drawing