Vertical Receivers

Material: Carbon Steel
Finishes: Unpainted, Painted or Galvanized
Directive: 2014/29/EU
Operating Temperature: -10°C +120°C
Operating Pressure: 11 bar standard, 15 bar on demand

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Welcome to our vertical receiver product range, where efficiency meets innovation. These towering air tanks are specifically designed to maximise compressed air storage while minimising their footprint. When floor space is at a premium, or you’re dealing with height restrictions in your installation, our vertical receivers offer an elegant solution.

Their vertical orientation allows these receivers to fit seamlessly into tight spaces, making them ideal for applications where space is a critical consideration. Whether you’re looking to optimise your compressed air storage in a manufacturing facility, enhance your air compressor system in a workshop, or improve pneumatic tool performance on a construction site, our vertical pressure vessels are up to the task.

Engineered for reliability and performance, our vertical vessels undergo stringent quality checks to ensure they meet the highest industry standards. When you choose a vertical receiver, you’re selecting a space-saving, efficient, and dependable solution for your compressed air needs. Explore our range of standard vessels to discover how they can elevate your air solutions.

At Air Receiver Tanks, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of air receivers, ranging from a compact 15 litres to a substantial 1500 litres, most sizes available from our UK stock. To complement your selection, we provide complete fitting kits, each featuring a manual drain valve, a safety-critical pressure relief valve, and a precision pressure gauge, accompanied by an adaptor for seamless integration.

Our receivers have a 11 bar rating as standard, with the option to upgrade to a robust 15 bar model tailored for more demanding applications.

Our vertical receivers come finished in a classic RAL 5015 blue, offering a sleek aesthetic. However, we understand the importance of choice, providing options for an unpainted finish or a durable galvanised coating for additional protection.

Beyond the standard, we offer a spectrum of colours in both smooth and textured finishes, ensuring that our receivers not only perform exceptionally but also align with your brand’s visual identity.

For environments that demand the utmost in durability, we apply a special anti-corrosive primer using electrostatic technology, guaranteeing maximum resistance against the rigours of harsh conditions.

Delving into the internal aspects of our receivers, we offer specialised finishes, including an innovative silver ion coating with antibacterial properties, ensuring hygiene and safety, especially appropriate for medical applications. Our receivers are also available cleaned for compatibility with oxygen, further catering to the stringent requirements of healthcare environments.

For further insights into these bespoke services, we invite you to visit our dedicated services page.

Please also see below detailed dimensional air receiver drawings of our standard range. Should your project require a unique solution, our bespoke service is poised to craft custom-made pressure vessels. From initial design sketches to the creation of a prototype, our expertise ensures your vision is realised with precision and quality.

Vertical Pressure Vessel Drawing