When it comes to designing a pressure vessel, one of the most critical components is the fittings that connect the vessel to the piping system. But with so many options available, how do you determine which fittings are appropriate for your specific application?

Essential Fittings for Air Receiver Tank

The first and most important fitting is the safety valve that protects the tank from overpressure. The safety valve is designed to open automatically when the tank reaches its maximum allowable pressure. It is a crucial safety feature that prevents the tank from exploding due to excess pressure.

The pressure gauge is another essential fitting that displays the pressure inside the tank. It allows the user to monitor the system pressure and ensure that it remains within the safe operating range. It is recommended to install the pressure gauge near the outlet of the tank for easy access.

The drain valve is used to remove condensate and other impurities that accumulate inside the tank over time. The drain valve should be installed at the lowest point of the tank and should be checked and drained regularly to prevent corrosion and contamination.

The inlet valve is used to control the flow of compressed air into the tank. It is necessary to install an inlet valve that matches the capacity of the compressor to avoid overloading the tank or compressor. The inlet valve should be equipped with a non-return valve to prevent the backflow of air into the compressor.

Other optional fittings that can be installed on the Air Receiver Tank include a filter regulator set and blanking plugs for ports that are not required or not always in use. These fittings can enhance the performance and safety of the compressed air system. 

An Air Receiver Tank must be equipped with essential fittings such as a safety valve, pressure gauge, drain valve, and inlet valve to ensure its proper functioning and safety. Proper installation and maintenance of these fittings can prolong the life of the compressed air system and prevent accidents.

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