Welcome to the New Year! At Air Receiver Tanks, we believe this is an ideal time to reflect on the past year and explore ways to enhance the coming year. As you set your own New Year’s resolutions, why not extend them to the compressed air systems integral to your business?

We’ve aligned some common New Year’s resolutions with insights on maintaining and improving your compressed air systems. You’ll be surprised just how similar our resolutions are!

Prioritise System Health

Just as personal health is a top resolution, the health of your compressed air system is vital. Regular checks and maintenance ensure your system is optimally sized and functioning efficiently, preventing costly energy wastage. Upgrading to newer more energy-efficient equipment, can also lead to significant annual savings.

Strive for Efficiency

Balance in work is crucial, and so is the efficiency of your air line. Incorrect sizing or material choice in your pipeline or air receiver tank can cause pressure drops, increased power requirements, and overall stress on your system. Our experienced sales team are on hand to assess and optimise your system, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency and the correct volume air receiver is sized for your application.

Enhance Organisational Skills

Just as punctuality and remembering appointments are key personal skills, regular servicing of your air compressor and air receiver tank is essential. To avoid costly breakdowns, ensure you are proactively managing your servicing schedules, including compulsory Receiver Inspections and Registrations.

Improve Air Quality

Clean breathing air is essential for health and longevity. Not sure how this one is linked to our personal goals? How many of you have set quit smoking as a New Years resolution this year? In industries like automotive spray painting, compressed air quality is critical. Our team ensures your air lines meet ISO standards, are free from contamination, and your air receiver tanks provide clean, safe air for all uses.

Save Some Extra Money

Saving money is a universal goal. Unnoticed air leaks can lead to a waste of up to 30% of a compressor’s output, leading to significant operational costs. By conducting regular air leak audits, you can identify and rectify these leaks, saving potentially thousands in annual costs.


At Air Receiver Tanks, we’re committed to ensuring your compressed air systems contribute positively to your business goals this New Year. For more information please feel free to contact our expert sales team.

Here’s to a productive and efficient year ahead!