We offer a complete range of internally and externally galvanised receivers that are UNI EN ISO 1461 certified. 

The air receivers are galvanised both internally and externally by immersing the tank in a molten zinc bath allowing the zinc to bind to the steel.

What is Galvanising?

Galvanising is a process that protects the tank against corrosion and increases its resistance to chemical and mechanical stress resulting in a much longer life even when being used in harsh environments and working conditions. 

A galvanised receiver is much better suited to be used in outdoor environments where it will be exposed to the elements as they are much more resistant to moisture.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of using a galvanised tank?

Although this process offers many advantages including increased corrosion resistance, increased chemical resistance and an increased life time there are also some disadvantages. 

The cost of the receiver is significantly more than a standard steel painted receiver and the galvanising finish doesn’t always leave the best finish, the receiver itself can be left with larger build-ups of zinc in places giving the receiver an uneven appearance.

Fluid-Air Components can offer a galvanised finish on our vertical and horizontal air receiver range. 

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