Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels

We offer a range of 304 / 316L stainless steel pressure vessels in horizontal and vertical configurations that feature an internal and external pickled and passivated finish. Pickling involves removing a thin surface layer of the receiver with a pickling agent, after it has been cleaned and treated with an oxidising agent a corrosion-resistant top layer is created making these receivers excellent options in harsh environments or for use with corrosive media.

Benefits of a Stainless Steel Air Receiver

Some of the benefits of using a stainless steel pressure receiver compared to a standard carbon steel receiver include the following.

  • Increased operating temperature range. -80°C to +120°C compared to the standard temperature range of -10°C to +120°C.
  • Increased media range, a stainless steel air receiver can be used with compressed air, nitrogen, corrosive chemicals, and group 2 compressed air and water.
  • Increased life in extreme environments due to corrosion resistance.
  • High-purity air. No particulates caused by corrosion can enter the air stream.

Where are Stainless Steel Vessels used?

Due to their superior corrosion resistance, receivers with such properties are highly sought after in industries where air purity is of utmost importance, particularly within the medical industry where air quality is essential in maintaining a sterile and safe environment. 

Stainless steel air receivers are also commonly found within the food and beverage industry, the medical industry and the pharmaceutical and chemical industry as the stored media is not contaminated by any particulates from corrosion that a standard receiver would suffer with.

These benefits come at a cost though as a stainless steel receiver is an expensive option. There are several more economic options available including epoxy coatings or galvanised tanks that could potentially be used in many applications. 

An alternative option could be a special, check out our article on bespoke and custom air receiver tanks to learn more.

Unsure if a stainless steel receiver is the best option for you? Get in touch today with one of our expert sales team on 01634 297298 or alternatively send us an email at with your design requirements and application.