An air receiver tank also known as a pressure receiver or pressure vessel, is an essential part of a compressed air system. An air receiver is a container that can be horizontal or vertical and stores compressed air. An air receiver tank acts as a buffer between the compressor and the downstream equipment within the system which helps to stabilise pressure peaks and ensures that there’s a consistent airflow to all of your tools and equipment. With the help of a receiver tank, you can maintain constant pressure levels within the system even during periods of peak demand or sudden spikes.

All the air receivers we supply are manufactured in an ISO 9001-certified European factory and are ASME certified as standard ensuring a consistently high-quality product every time. ASME certification is a universally recognised set of safety standards developed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers that regulates the design and manufacturing of boilers, nuclear components and other pressure vessels as well as the installation, inspection and care of the above products.

Pressure Vessel Certifications

Not only are our receivers ASME certified they are also available manufactured to the below international standards.

Need your pressure vessels to a standard not mentioned above? We can offer a full range of custom and bespoke receivers to your requirements, get in touch today with one of our expert sales team at 01634 297298 or send us an email at with your design requirements and application.