Vertical Pressure Vessel

A pressure vessel is an essential component in many industrial processes, including air compression systems. It is designed to store and distribute compressed air safely and effectively. The vertical pressure vessel is a popular choice among industries due to its space-saving design and efficient functionality.

Pressure Vessel Overview

A vertical pressure vessel is a cylindrical container designed to store fluids or gases under high pressure. It consists of a vertical shell with dished or flat ends. This design ensures optimal strength and stability while accommodating varying pressure levels.

Our vertical pressure vessels are constructed from Carbon Steel and are painted RAL5015 blue as standard, making the vessel suitable for a wide range of applications. As well as the standard vertical air receivers we also offer a range of naked (unpainted) vessels, stainless steel pressure vessels and galvanised pressure vessels so no matter the environment or media we have a solution to suit all applications.

To ensure the safety of operations, vertical pressure vessels must be equipped with pressure relief devices. These devices, such as safety valves or rupture discs, are designed to release excess pressure in case of emergencies, preventing catastrophic failures and potential hazards. Click here for more information on relief valves.

Vertical pressure vessels find applications in various industries, including oil and gas, chemical processing, power generation, and water treatment. They are commonly used for storing and transporting compressed gases, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and other volatile substances.

Regular maintenance and inspections are crucial to ensure the continued safe and efficient operation of vertical pressure vessels. This includes periodic checks for corrosion, pressure testing, and compliance with relevant safety standards. Proper documentation should be maintained to record inspections and repairs.

Vertical pressure vessels must adhere to stringent quality standards globally. These standards ensure that the vessels are designed, manufactured, and tested to withstand the specified pressure and environmental conditions. Compliance with these standards guarantees the safety and reliability of the vessel. All of our vessels are manufactured to the 2014/29/EU directive as standard, click here for a range of the other standards available.

Vertical Vessel Product Data

Material: Carbon Steel is Standard, Stainless Steel is an Available Option
Finishes: Painted as Standard, Unpainted or Galvanized are Available Options
Directive: 2014/29/EU as Standard, Other Options Available, Click Here for more Information
Operating Temperature: -10°C +120°C
Operating Pressure: 11 Bar Standard, 15 Bar on Demand

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